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Ask Desktop Search 2.2

Ask Desktop Search will find anything you need in your computer and in the web
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Are you really confused because you just can't find the files you need in your computer?
Did you forget where you stored that priceless picture?
Do you need to find that very important email?
Ask Desktop Search will find anything you need in your computer and in the web.

This amazing software is the ultimate search interface.
It automatically indexes your hard disk, only when the computer is idle, so it will not interfere with your work.
Once indexed, searching is done very fast.

You can search from your browser or from any application.
You have the option to search for files in your PC, for emails, and in the Web.
You will be able to find any file you need when you open your different applications.
The interface is very intuitive and easy to use.

Maybe when you look for a file you will get several files with the same or similar name.
Ask Desktop Search will let you preview either files or emails, so you can be sure that the file you choose is the one you are looking for.
Whether you search using your browser or the interface, the results you get will be the same.

This software will surely make all your searches much easier and faster.

Fernando Soni
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